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COVID-19 Protocols

Flossmoor Baseball and Softball will follow the COVID-19 protocols outlined by the State of Illinois.

Below is a brief overview of the protocols we plan to follow at Flossmoor Park:

Before the game/activity

  • An attendance log of participants will be collected either through lineups or electronic signup.
  • All participants who have cold or flu-like symptoms should not attend the game.
  • Anyone with a pre-existing condition that could be complicated by the COVID-19 virus or 70 or older should not attend games for their own protection.
  • All participants planning on attending should check their temperature just prior to the game and anyone with an elevated temperature should not attend the game.

During the game/activity

  • A face covering is required to be worn by everyone when entering and leaving the fields. Ex: when headed to and from the concession stand and restroom, face covering must be worn.
  • When players can not social distance they will be required to wear facemasks.
  • Umpires have the option to call balls and strikes from either behind the catcher or from behind the pitcher. If behind the catcher, as much distance as possible should be left between the umpire and catcher, while still being in position to make a proper ball/strike call.
  • Anyone in attendance to watch any game is required to station themselves to the outfield side of
  • 1B and 3B and should sit/stand in family units spaced at least 10 feet apart from any other family units. Additionally, no one should station themselves closer than 10 feet to any fence enclosing the field or any out of play boundary, if there is no fence.
  • In general limiting the number of family members who attend games is encouraged and in no instance should a team have more than 35 spectators.
  • Coaches should stay out of dugouts as much as possible and will be allowed to stand outside of the dugout in foul territory without penalty.
  • There should be no more than 3 players in the dugout at any time and while in the dugout they should space out as much as the dugout allows.
  • A player’s bag and equipment should be kept outside the dugout and field of play.
  • Players that should be in the dugout when their team is at bat are the next 3rd, 4th and 5th scheduled batters that inning.
  • No seeds or gum are allowed on the field or in the dugout.
  • Teams are responsible for their own disinfecting of players and coach’s equipment and baseballs.
  • Players from different families should not share equipment.

After the game/activity

  • The post-game handshake should be replaced by the opposing teams lining up on their respective foul lines properly spaced and offer a tip of the cap to the opposing team.

This policy reflects FBBSB’s compliance with state, local and CDC guidelines. This policy is subject to change, accordingly.