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Reserve Your Volunteer Slot
If you did not opt out of your volunteer requirement for the 2019 Flossmoor Baseball Season, you will need to sign up for a volunteer time slot through Dibs.


Shetland (Boys T-ball) - Mark Goesel -
Filly (Girls T-ball) - James Cheung -
Bantam - Shekika Daggett -
Pinto - Jason Rudolph -
Mustang - Chris Zillman -
Bronco - Terry Prokop -
Pony - Eric Anderson -


New to Flossmoor Baseball?
Click above to see the slideshow of our 2018 season. Then visit our Photo Book page to see pics from over the years. FBBSB is the best place to be all spring and summer!

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Shopping for a New Bat?
Here is some important information to consider. Please see links below.